FB_SS Stereophonic-SID Cartridge for the Commodore 64/128

The FB_SS Stereophonic-SID Cartridge for the Commodore 64/128
There are two version avaliable to suit the 12v 6581 SID and the 9v 8580 SID.

The FB_SS interface features a jumper and 8-way DIP switch which allows the SID chip to be mapped at any of the following memory addresses:

$DE00, $DE20, $DE40, $DE60, $DE80, $DEA0, $DEC0
$DF00, $DF20, $DF40, $DF60, $DF80, $DFA0, $DFC0

Most Stereo SID players support memory address $DE00 for the second SID chip.

* As per photo, this cartridge includes a pass-though cartridge socket.
* This is ideal for anyone with a Prophet64 cartridge.
* The idea is to plug your Phophet 64 cartidge into this Stereo-SID cartridge and then plug both into the Commodore at the same time, No more SID2SID hacks required!.

*A SID chip is NOT included with this cartridge.
*You'll need to provide and install your own SID chip of the correct voltage for the cartridge ordered.

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