FB-512J 64KByte (8x8KB) cartridge

The FB-512J cartridge is designed to support 64KB 27512 series EPROMs.

These EPROMs can store the equivalent of eight generic 8KB Commodore cartridges on one chip.

Three jumpers are used to selec which 8kb area of memory will be active and mapped to address $8000.
A forth jumper is used to support the native Commodore 128 mode by changing the logic state of the EXROM line of the cartridge port.

* The FB-512J cartridge replaces the FB-512J which is no longer available.
The FB-512J used four mini-toggle switches while the new FB-512J users four jumpers.
* Cartridge case is not included. A plastic PCB support is provided.
* A UV EPROM eraser is required to erase the contents of the supplied 27c512 EPROM.
* An EPROM programer is required to program the 27c512 EPROM.

* A mini push button reset switch and plastic PCB support is included.

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Price: AUD$16.00 plus Postage & PayPal fees

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