FB-3XP Three Slot Cartridge Expander

The FB-3XP is possibly one of the most versatile 3-slot cartridge expanders that supports the following features.

- Fuse protection to prevent accidental damage of the c64/128 computer..
- High quality ROHS compliant components with gold edge contacts.
- Mini push button reset switch.
- Electrolytic capacitors ensuring reliable power to each cartridge slot.
- Activity LED for each slot indicating when a cartridge is on or accessing the expansion port.
- DIP switches that enable/disable expansion port signals like I01, I02, ROMH, ROML, EXROM & GAME.

However, one of the most important features is that the last two slots can be configured to swap the I01($DE00) and I02($DF00) lines.
Depending on the configuration of four jumpers, this allows certain cartriges too be concurrently active like an REU and RS232 cartridge.
Please note that not all cartridges will work when swapping the I01/I02 lines.

* The FB-3XP is available in two configuration.
* The first is with all three slots in a vertical position.
* There's also a 2+1 version available where the last slot is mounted in a horizontal manner.
* This version is handy for large cartridge like 1764/1750 or SuperCPU.

Availability: Out of Stock
AUD$33.00 FB-3XP (3 vertical slots) plus Postage & PayPal fees
AUD$40.00 FB-3XP (2 vertical, 1 horizontal slots) plus Postage & PayPal fees

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